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  Claim Loss Notices  

Flood/Property Loss Notice
 |  General Liability Notice of Occurrence/Claim  |  Truck/Automobile Loss Notice

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  To report a Nationwide Mutual Flood Claim  

Insureds are encouraged to contact your agent who can submit your claim for immediate assignment to an adjuster. If your agent cannot be reached, use the resources shown below.

  • Online at - For agent reporting only, agent login required,

  • By Phone, 800-421-3535,

  • By email at - Email a completed Acord Loss Notice,

  • By Fax 406-257-1629 - fax a completed Acord Loss Notice.

Note:   FEMA provides a "Flood Insurance Claims Handbook" (PDF) that explains what to do before and after a flood and answers many questions about handling and filing a policyholder's claim.
  • To check on status of your claim, call 800-759-8656.

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  To report a Delta Lloyds Insurance Company Homeowner or Fire Claim  

Insureds are encouraged to contact your agent who can submit your claim to the Delta's Claims Department for immediate assignment to an adjuster. If your agent can not be reached, you may contact Delta directly.

When submitting information directly to Delta, you have the following options:

  • By Email at - email completed PDF of Acord Loss Notice,

  • By Fax 713-570-2800 or toll free at 800-666-0345 - fax a completed Acord Loss Notice,

  • By Phone to the Claims Hot Line at 713-570-2625 or toll free at 800-666-2678 Ext. 2625.

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  To report a claim for other carriers  

  • For Fastest service, check your policy which may contain special instructions for filing a claim. Otherwise, contact your agent or broker,

  • If you cannot reach your agent or broker, you may report claims 24/7 directly to your Policy Carrier using the Contact List below,

  • If your Policy Carrier is not listed below, you may call our Delta Claim's Hotline at 713-570-2625 for assistance.

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  Company Claim Contact List  

Below is a contact matrix listing the different communication methods, based on company affording coverage, that can be used to submit claims loss notice. Please use this list as it offers the best and most expeditious channel available.

On special contracts, Delta General's internal Claims Department handles the entire claims process of a claim notice for these special contracts. Upon receipt, Delta General will send you a confirmation of the claim along with a claim number. This claim number is specific to Delta General and must be used on any and all subsequent correspondence and claims inquiry.

When filing Claims for Report Claims 24/7
Company By Phone By Fax Online or By Email
ACE GROUP 800-945-7461  800-678-9847 
ADMIRAL INSURANCE CO 856-429-9200  856-429-3630 
APEX INSURANCE MANAGERS, LLC 312-376-4600  312-376-4601 
CANAL INDEMNITY CO 800-452-6911  864-679-2518
CENTURY SURETY COMPANY 800-878-7389  614-895-7040
CHUBB INSURANCE CO 800-252-4670  800-300-2538
DELTA LLOYDS INSURANCE CO 800-666-2678  713-666-0409 
ENVIRONMENTAL INSURANCE AGENCY INC 800-243-1782  480-905-5092 
EVANSTON INSURANCE CO 800-243-1782  480-905-5092 
EVANSTON INSURANCE CO - West 800-243-1782  480-951-4363 
FAIRMONT SPECIALTY 713-954-8155  713-954-8176 
FEDERAL INSURANCE COMPANY 800-252-4670  800-300-2538
FIREMAN'S FUND INS CO 800-933-3147  800-511-3720 
FIREMAN'S FUND INS CO (High Value) 888-347-3428
GEMINI INSURANCE COMPANY 312-553-4413  312-553-4416 
GOTHAM INSURANCE COMPANY 800-774-2755  800-326-2864 
HUDSON SPECIALTY INSURANCE COMPANY 212-978-2800  212-344-2473 
IAN H GRAHAM INSURANCE 818-655-1300   
MARKEL MID SOUTH REGION 800-362-7535  855-662-7535 
NATIONAL FIRE & MARINE INS CO 800-356-5750  402-536-3031
NATIONAL INDEMNITY CO 800-356-5750  402-536-3031
NATIONAL LIABILITY & FIRE INS CO 800-356-5750  402-536-3031
NATIONWIDE PRIVATE CLIENT 855-473-6410  480-365-5330 
NAUTILUS INSURANCE CO 800-842-8972  480-281-0794 
NORTH AMERICAN SPECIALTY INSURANCE 800-542-9200  603-644-6644 
ROCKHILL INSURANCE COMPANY 985-781-6808  985-781-6562 
SENECA INSURANCE COMPANY, INC 212-277-3490  212-422-7541 
SENECA SPECIALTY INSURANCE COMPANY 212-277-3490  212-422-7541 
U S FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY 713-954-8155  713-954-8176 
UNDERWRITERS AT LLOYDS 800-666-2678  713-666-0409 
List updated February 9, 2016

If you are having trouble with a claim, please contact Debra Waller, Claims Dept Manager at Delta General Agency Corporation at 713-570-2759.

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  Frequently Asked Questions - Following a Hurricane or Other Catastrophe  

At Delta General Agency Corporation, we believe that courteous, dependable claim service is the cornerstone of our relationship with our customers. When a claim occurs, we'll work with you in a united effort to manage the claim handling process as efficiently as possible. Delta provides claim service that makes a difference with specialized expertise in handling your claim and with a focus on quality and customer service.

How to Report a Claim?
    If you are a policyholder through Delta Lloyds Insurance Company or one of the many companies represented by Delta General Agency Corporation and have a claim to report, you have two options to contact us and begin the Claim process.
    • Contact Your Agent. They are ready to Help: Your agent knows your insurance better than anyone else and can help you throughout the claim process.

    • If you cannot reach your agent: If you need immediate assistance and you cannot reach your agent, call the appropriate phone number on the Claims Contact List determined by the insurance company for your policy.

    • If you are still uncertain: If you are uncertain about which phone number to call, please call any Delta General Agency Corporation claims specialist toll free at 1-800-666-2678, fax your claim or claim questions to 713-660-0409 or go to our web site at

How can I check the status of my claim?
    For a new claim or existing claim status, you should first contact the adjuster assigned to handle your claim. If you don't know the name of the adjuster assigned to your claim:

    • Contact Delta's Claim Department, at 800-666-2678 Ext. 2625 or 713-570-2625.

What can I do now to protect my property?
    Make emergency repairs to protect your home from further damage:
    • Board up broken windows and openings in the roof and walls of your home.
    • Since coverage has not been determined, you should consider protecting your property from further damage by removing the water, if possible.
    • In the event that carpet and / or padding is removed, retain a square foot of the carpet or padding so the adjuster can inspect for quality and texture.
    • If possible, take photographs of property and contents damaged before making emergency repairs.
    • Keep an accurate record of repair expenditures.

    Protect your personal property from further damage:
    • Separate items, which may be cleaned and/or repaired from those that can't.
    • List items that can't be saved (include brand name, age, today's replacement cost, model or serial number).
    • Do not discard items for which you will submit a claim until a claim adjuster says it's okay.

    If your home is uninhabitable:
    • Advance payment for living expenses may be available. Ask your adjuster.
    • Find temporary housing for you and your family (there is no coverage under the flood policy for this expense and depending on your coverage, this expense may not be covered by your policy).
    • Keep all receipts associated with the temporary housing, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses, which are in addition to your regular expenses.
    • DO NOT enter into long-term leases until you talk to an adjuster.

    Make an inventory: We want to handle your claim as quickly as possible, but you can help by making an inventory of your damage and your damaged property:
    • The inventory should be room-by-room, giving complete descriptions of the damaged property.
    • The description should include brand names, model numbers, age, purchase price, and place of purchase.
    • Other information may be necessary on certain kinds of property.
    • This list will help our claim adjuster in handling your claim.
    • For your future protection, it would be a good idea to make a detailed inventory of all your personal belongings. A photographic record of all items is very valuable when it comes to settling claims.
What happens to my claim after I submit it to my Agent or Delta?
Once we receive your claim, an adjuster is assigned (usually same day). The adjuster will immediately attempt to contact you. It is critical to provide your agent with several telephone numbers and email address, so we may contact you as soon as possible.

An appointment will be made to meet with you and inspect the damaged property and proceed with the adjusting of your claim.

Do you have coverage for flooding?

Most policies including a regular homeowner or fire policy do not usually cover flood damage.
If you have flood damage, please contact your agent to report a flood claim.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is the primary source for Flood Insurance in the United States. Harleysville Mutual Insurance Company is a "write your own" flood company providing flood coverage though The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). For more information, go to or contact your agent for more information.

How will you receive the money for your claim?

When both the dwelling and the contents of your home are damaged, you generally get two separate checks from your insurance company. If your home is mortgaged, the check for home repairs will generally be made out to you and the mortgage lender. As a condition of granting a mortgage, lenders usually require that they are named in the homeowner or dwelling policy and that they are a party to any insurance payments related to the structure. The lender gets equal rights to the insurance check to ensure that the necessary repairs are made to the property in which it has a significant financial interest. This means that the mortgage company or bank will have to endorse the check. Lenders generally put the money in an escrow account and pay for the repairs as the work is completed.

You should show the mortgage lender your contractor's bid and say how much the contractor wants up front to start the job. Your mortgage company may want to inspect the finished job before releasing the funds for payment. If you don't get a separate check from your insurance company for the contents of your home and other expenses, the lender should release the insurance payments that don't relate to the dwelling. It should also release funds that exceed the balance of the mortgage. State bank regulators often publish guidelines for banks to follow after a major disaster.

Determining the Amount of Settlement you get from a property claim?

Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value: Generally, replacement cost policies provides you with the dollar amount needed to replace a damaged item with one of similar kind and quality without deducting for depreciation (the decrease in value due to age, wear and tear, and other factors). Actual cash value policies pay the amount needed to replace the item minus depreciation. Please read your policy for actual definition and coverage.

If you have a replacement cost policy for your home or personal possessions, you normally need to replace the damaged items before your insurance company will pay you the replacement cost amount. If you decide not to replace some items, you will be paid their actual cash value. Your insurance company will generally allow you several months from the date of the cash value payment to replace the items and collect full replacement cost.

After your claim has been settled and the repair work is underway:
Take the time to re-evaluate your homeowner or dwelling insurance coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about possible changes.

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  Claims Examiners  
Debra Waller Debra Waller,
Assistant Vice President, Claims

  Desiree Arceneaux
Sr. Claims Examiner

  Janet Forward
Claims Examiner

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