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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Delta Insurance Group Corporation and its affiliates:
  • Delta General Agency Corporation
  • Delta Finance of Texas
  • Respecting and protecting customer privacy has been vital to our business. By explaining our Privacy Policy to you, we trust that you will better understand how we keep our customer information private and secure while using this policy to serve you better.

    Your privacy is important to us

    We value you as a customer and respect your right to privacy. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal information. When you provide personal information to us, we believe that you should be aware of our policies to protect the confidentiality of that information.

    What personal information do we collect about you?

    In order to ensure we are able to offer and provide you with the most appropriate services while safeguarding your privacy, we collect nonpublic personal information about you only when it is necessary to conduct the business of insurance. We limit the collection of personal information to what we reasonably believe is necessary to administer your account. As a result, we collect personal information from the following sources:

    • Personal information we receive from you, either directly or through your agent, such as applications, requested policy changes or other forms.
    • Personal information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others, such as the number of years you have been a policyholder with us or the types of coverage you purchase.
    • Personal information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency, such as a credit report, Motor Vehicle Report or other third party sources necessary to underwriting.
    • Personal information you provide or which is obtained through the process of handling a claim, including medical information, such as an accident report.
    Personal information we may disclose and to whom

    We only disclose information about our applicants, customers and former customers as permitted or required by law in conjunction with our normal insurance operations.

    • We may disclose information to others such as our claims adjusters and our attorneys in the processing of an insurance claim;
    • We may be required by a court of law to provide information in connection with a legal proceeding;
    • We may share information necessary to effect, administer and enforce insurance transactions. Examples of that include, but are not limited to information required by:
      1. Banks or lending institutions
      2. Loss Payees
      3. Additional Insureds
      4. Certificate Holders

    When possible, we advise our vendors and other nonaffiliated third parties to whom we legally provide your personal information in the course of conducting our insurance business of our privacy policy. We make every effort to use vendors whose approach to customer privacy reflects our own.

    Is your medical information confidential?

    While we sometimes must collect medical information to provide you a product or to pay a claim, we do not use or share it, internally or externally, for any purpose except the following:

    • Underwriting insurance
    • Administering your policy, account, or claim
    • As required or as permitted by law
    • As otherwise authorized by you
    How do we protect the confidentiality and security of your information?

    We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to our employees or servicing vendors with a legitimate business purpose. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard and protect your nonpublic personal information. We work hard to employ firewalls, encryption technology, user authentication systems, and access control mechanisms to control access to and safeguard the privacy of your personal information that may be accessed through our computers or through our website.

    European Union Notice

    Notice to individuals located in the European Union who have accidentally accessed this website:

    You have reached a United States website. Goods and/or services described on our website are only offered to individuals residing in the United States, and we do not envisage or intend to offer goods or services to individuals in the EU. Our website is not regulated by, or subject to, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore please understand that the degree of expectation of privacy on our website regarding any communications or data transiting or stored on our information systems (including through cookie and other tracking mechanisms) is subject to applicable United States federal and state laws only.

    Questions or more information:

    Your trust is one of our most important assets. We will continually work to protect your privacy and will continually review our Privacy Policy. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need further information about our Privacy Policy.

    You may contact us at: Delta General Agency Corporation
    Attn: Compliance Manager
    PO Box 2045
    Houston Texas 77252
    By email at:

    Please include your name, current address, policy number, and agent name/number (if known) in all correspondence. For changes to information that we control, such as your name and address, please contact your agent.

    This privacy statement describes our privacy practices for both current and former customers.

    Thank you for choosing Delta